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EDMS Implementation (EDC4)
Document Control e-learning

Level:                            Advanced
Course Code:                EDC4
Type of certificate:       Certificate of completion
Date of completion:      April 16th, 2016.
Offered by:                    Consepsys

"Consepsys are Document Control Professionals. They deliver high-quality hands-on Document Control training    courses and Document Control Certification Programs around    the world, as well as fit-for-purpose and cost-effective consultancy services in Document Control." They refer to themselves as The document control professionals, and I'm sure that the more people attend their courses, they probably build their importance themselves. Which is good. I don't mind. But there is one catch, document control is not a one-sollution-fits-all sollution. Putting up courses for the document controller will also have a part that is completely useless to some of their student participants.

This course is therefore not different to what I expected. It is a nice course if you are interested in EDMS systems. EDMS is referred to as Electrical Document Management Software Package or Electrical Document Management System. Consepsys used to address the first one in the past, so it is nice they now at least offer the second definition as well. It fits much better, but that is a personal belief I think. Not to mention that EDMS could also be translated as Electrical Data Management System. I know, that is just nitpicking.

You pretty much get the whole package, from beginning (checklist and roles) to the deployment. But, it is also limited to general definitions not really going into the EDMS itselve. If you are planning on implementing a EDMS, this will provide you with a nice checklist. Although you need to create the checklist yourself, it gives you a nice overview of what you need to address. If you are already in the process of ending your new EDMS, this will not help you any further.

Now that is not really a bad thing, as you pretty much will decide yourself what you want/need. But it is not going in a more depth detail as you might expect from a title as 'Introduction' and 'EDMS Capabilities' or the title 'EDMS implementation'. Remember Consepsys has a strong focus on Document Control, but this course is not really for the document controller, it could be really for anyone. If you can combine this course with already possessed knowledge this is great. So that also explains why I am happy with this course. It refreshed my memory, it added some minor gaps in my knowledge and some items needed more depth in my opinion.

Another point of dissappointment is that you might expect more information on 'Selecting the appropriate EDMS' and 'Development, Design & Set-up is' in this course, it is actually not there. Well it is, but in a completely different setting than you might expect. ROI calculation is handled and I guess setting up requirements may be addressed as such, but lets say that I expected more from these two items.

It is fun to see functional administration (DC) and technical administration (IT) addressed, as my experience with IT is they want both, and the average DC-er only wants the technical administration to do their work, and handle the .

It was a fun course to 'attent', not sure if a starter will benefit from it, but for me it was fun, because this is what I do for a living.

The course is over, it took me 2:15 hours, instead of the 3 advertised.

  • Pretty much complete cycle description
  • You get some free templates.
  • Strong focus on what an EDMS is.
  • Price, at first i thought it was expensive, but it was actually worth my money.

  • Not really focussed on document control
  • No mentioning of excisting EDM Systems, or give you help on how to chose one.
  • No examples of what can go wrong.
  • Limited time availability of the course. It would have been easy to offer a download of the actual video pressentation, as it basically is a slide presentation. The course is valid for only 1 month.
  • No indepth EDMS functionallity descriptions
  • Selecting the appropriate EDMS is not in the course
  • Development, Design & Set-up is not in the course

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to the e-learning platform
  • Introduction to EDMS
  • Test on: Introduction to EDMS
  • EDMS Capabilities
  • Test on: EDMS Capabilities
  • Benefits & Risks
  • Test on: EDMS Benefits & Risks
  • Investment Decision
  • Test on: Investment Decision
  • Business Case.mp4
  • Download the Business Case Template
  • ROI.mp4
  • Download the Return on Investment Template
  • Project Definition
  • Test on: Project Definition
  • EDMS Selection
  • Test on: EDMS Selection
  • Project Execution
  • Test on: Project Execution
  • Focus on User Acceptance Tests
  • Download the UAT Template
  • Migration
  • Test on: Migration
  • Deployment
  • Test on: Deployment
  • After the implementation
  • Test on: After the Implementation
  • Conclusion
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Recommendation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever
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